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Stories of Freemasons in America

Since some time ago, I am very interested in the entanglements of Freemasons in American history. For that purpose, I would like to start a series about this topic and losely write stories of Freemasons in America (short: SoFiA from … Continue reading

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Funny animal quiz with Mayan glyphs

You can imagine that deciphering symbols of a foreign and often dead language, carved in stone thousand years ago isn’t an easy task. One problem you get is being able to read the symbols on weathered steles. The next problem … Continue reading

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The infamous Chupacabra

This will be a story about bias, culture and Cryptozoology. I am a skeptic, when it comes to all kinds of para-x claims, be it UFO, strange animals, paranormal psychic powers, god. Basically it’s: “Show me evidence and convince me!”. … Continue reading

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“It is definitely a Mayan symbol”

This headline is a quote from a news article of the Telegraph in 2009. The article gives us notice about a giant crop circle, which obviously shows a Mayan symbol. Therefore “It appears to be a warning about the world … Continue reading

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Figurines from Caral

Today yet again, we will cover a topic, which requires the “and more” in the name of this blog. Caral, being located in Peru, surely isn’t part of MesoAmerica, but this story nevertheless can be of great interest to all … Continue reading

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