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SoFiA (3) – Porfirio Díaz

Today, we come to another Story of a Freemason in America. And it nicely adds to the last story about Benito Juárez, because Porfirio Díaz, which we cover today, was a masonic brother and simultaneously political opponent of Juárez. I … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (4)

Yes dear readers, Saturday Sunday is Codex-Day. This week, I’ll present the Codex page a bit later, but in exchange, we’ll have a woman today. A woman with a knife! Have a look at this page 6r from the Codex … Continue reading

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Who were the first Americans in Europe?

The media got quiet excited these days about an report of Spain’s Centre for Scientific Research about a possible link of American people in Iceland long before Columbus discovered America. While there is no direct evidence for such a claim, … Continue reading

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Maya were architectural sound-designer

There are many symbolic secrets hidden in the ruins of Chichen Itza, that’s for sure. There is for example the shadow of a snake on the main pyramid in a special time of the year, as you can see on … Continue reading

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The last emperor of Mexico

I already announced, that I would tell you the story of Maximilian I. of Habsburg and his experiences as the last emperor of Mexico. In fact, this story is full of oddities. It’s a story about culture, societal upheavals, a … Continue reading

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