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José Argüelles has passed on

At the 23rd of March, José Argüelles has passed on. The Mexican-US-American writer was one of the main characters in the esoteric literature around the Maya Calendar and the 2012-phenomenon. If you didn’t know his name so far, but know … Continue reading

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The Aztecs and their 400 Rabbits

If you have read several articles of this blog regularly, you will already know, that a rabbit has a regular appearance – every month. I’m talking about the rabbit in the calendar, of course. Tochtli, meaning rabbit, is the name … Continue reading

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Wie Bild einmal keinen Schatz fand – Teil 2

Derjenige, der nicht über BILDblog hierher gelangt ist, sollte sich dort Teil 1 anschauen, bevor es hier mit Teil 2 weitergeht. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Artikel dieses Blogs lasse ich für diesen die Kommentare offen, falls es noch … Continue reading

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A detail of Rittstieg’s theory

Today I want to discuss with you one little detail of Rittstieg’s theory. It’s really a little detail, but as I see it, his whole theory and his main presumption stands and falls with that. It’s the alleged city arms … Continue reading

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BILD leaves the lake – THIG (9)

This just in via Weinmann’s Twitter: BILD leaves lake Izabal. Obviously they accepted that they can’t do anything there anymore. They will now return to Guatemala-City to discuss with officials. That means, that they try to get the permission of … Continue reading

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