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Quick test post 2…

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Some interesting facts about education in Mexico

Reuters had an interesting Factbox-article about Mexico last wednesday, regarding its economics and educational system. Let’s have a look at something economical: – Mexico is the world’s 14th largest economy. – Mexico is predicted to become the world’s eighth biggest … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered how Lincoln looked like in color?

This is not actually about Mesoamerica (though for such cases I included “and more” in this blog’s title), but if you are interested in colorized pictures of famous people of history, this is a thread for you. Or also the … Continue reading

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The world’s briefest presidency

The world’s briefest period of a president in service itself wouldn’t be a topic for this blog. However, it was also the briefest period of a Mexican president, which makes it very much relevant. At this point, I let you … Continue reading

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José Argüelles has passed on

At the 23rd of March, José Argüelles has passed on. The Mexican-US-American writer was one of the main characters in the esoteric literature around the Maya Calendar and the 2012-phenomenon. If you didn’t know his name so far, but know … Continue reading

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