Anything? (21.12. 8:15 GMT)

Well of course not! Nothing out of the ordinary will happen. No (apocalyptic) earthquakes, no volcanic eruption, no giant Planet-X/Nibiru/whatever-they-call-it coming towards earth, no reversal of polarity of earths magnetic field… And – at least with me – no jump on a higher level of conscious awareness.

Just remember, that we only know of two archaeologic findings that refer to tomorrow. One’s context is unclear and the other is written in a symbolic sense, signifying a long span of time.

One very special thing today however is the Google Doodle. Great idea and great look:



Got nothing to do with your last hours on earth (hey, some still believe, something will happen)? Just try to decipher what is written there and if it makes sense. The Glyph books of Mark Pitts, which we featured in a previous article, might be helpful in that task. Please contact me with any results or worries at

Anyways, 8:15 means only 15.75 hours left in GMT for the earth to somehow turn itself out. Oh and the next post will be post #100, which feels like a worthy coincidence.

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Scanning the news for any cataclysmic events? (20.12.,19:30 GMT)

No luck so far in finding any catastrophes? Don’t worry folks! As we’ve established in the very first post of this blog, nothing bad will happen – just a rare configuration of an elaborated calendar of an astonishing civilization.

Just prepare for the new b’ak’tun, beginning at 22nd of December, right after 23:59! That will be in roughly 28.5 hours in GMT.

Enjoy your upcoming (December 21st) while it lasts and prepare your champaigne.


picture: Albert Bridge/

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What about those inscriptions in Guatemala referring to 2012?

After a long time, I want to continue this blog with a short and rough article about the recent discovery of insprictions in Guatemala. The media says they are very important for the topic of 2012 and I’m sure many of you wonder, if this is another exagerration of the media or if it is in fact true. Did the Maya think, there would be an apocalypse after all? Is the finding important? Well, let’s say it like this: I’m in the midst of prepararing my presentation for an event about the Maya myth and the 2012 phenomenon, and I had to change some aspects in it. So there you have a first clue for the importance of this finding.

Up until some days ago, if someone would have asked me about the importance of the date 23.12.2012 for the Maya, I would have answered, that there is only one single inscription, which refers to this date and that everything else is merely speculation and interpretation about what the Maya thought about it. Now, however, I would have to say, that there are exactly two inscriptions, that we know of.

And this is the new one…
Picture: Tulane University via

At the archaeological site of La Corona (formerly known as Site Q, ) in the northern part of Guatemala, the La Corona Archaeological Project (PRALC) found a staircase with several inscriptions. David Stuart (whom we referred in several articles before) deciphered the writings. The inscribed stones, are about 1.300 years old and one of them refers to the infamous date, that we all like to talk about and at which nothing will happen. But what does it say exactly?

First of all, it doesn’t refer to any prophecy – in fact, it’s rather political: King Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ from Calakmul was visiting La Corona after a defeat he suffered by the rivaling troops of Tikal. For a long time it has been the interpretation that the king died in this defeat or that he was captured. Now we know, he didn’t, so there’s one reason, why we call it a very important finding. Furthermore, king Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ had given himself a very special name, and here we come to the reason for the reference to 2012: He was called 13 K’atun lord – the lord who reigns in the 13th K’atun cycle lasting 7.200 days. Those of you who carefully studied the article about the Maya calendar know exactly what this means.

To show his unbroken will and to motivate his allies to stand by him, it was announced – and later inscribed on this staircase – that his kingdom would last until the next place in the Maya calendar would also reach the magical number 13: the 13th B’ak’tun or! Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ puts himself in a large cosmological context, from to, strengthening his power. And this last date is exactly the date, that everybody keeps talking about, the 23rd of December 2012.

So there you have it! That’s – in short – why there is this special date on this special inscription. No prophecy, no apocalypse – but certainly furter evidence, that the date was of vital importance for the Maya. A historical date, the completition of a cyle – and that only happens every 144,000 days. Reason enough to celebrate! But certainly no reason to panic.

For further information, aside from the magazines, I would like to refer you to several places:

  • David Stuart’s topic relevant article
  • The PRALC homepage of the Middle American Research Institute at Tulane University
  • The press release of the PRALC of the 28th of June
  • The presentation about the findings the PRALC gave
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    One year to go!

    While it seems as if I was carelessly neglecting TCMAM in the last weeks and months (although I have good excuses from my professional life), some time has passed and the world didn’t stop turning. So it happens to be the 21st of December 2011 today and if we believe certain (let’s call them) “theories”, the world ends in exactly one year.

    In the meantime the German tabloid BILD, which many of you readers might know from the report about the Treasure Hunt in Guatemala for which TCMAM was cited in a scientifical article, expresses rather reasonable thoughts in an article (German: part1, part2). Regarding the way they talked about these things just some months ago, this is actually suprising. They even realized that the Aztec Sun Stone is not a calendar and especially not the Maya one.

    Lastly they cite the renowned epigrapher Nikolai Grube, also one of my main sources for details and verification about the Maya. The answer he gives to BILD’s question “What did the Maya know about the year 2012?” is a wonderful reaction and thus I want to use it to herald the last year of the 2012 Countdown:

    “The Maya were far too intelligent to not know, that time can’t simply cease or stop. When the 13th Bak’tun ends in December 2012, the 14th Bak’tun begins. And this won’t be accompanied by severe destructions. There are prophecies of the Maya for a time far beyond 2012.”

    This might not be satisfying or spectacular enough for many people, but it is probably true. Let’s see how public opinion will develop about this topic during the next 365 years until we can celebrate a new Bak’tun.

    Until then, don’t miss the explaining articles in the several categories on this blog.

    "And I, Tonatiuh, am STILL not a calendar, you know..."
    picture: El Comandante/wikipedia/cc-by-sa

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    Happy 1st Birthday to TCMAM

    TCMAM turned 1 year old!!!!!

    Second lolcat this year...

    Nobody came to the party, because it was already two days ago! One year and two days ago it was, that the article What is wrong with the Mayan Calendar? was published. Shame on me, I haven’t been around to celebrate. But here it is, the birthday article.

    Chacmool: I approve of TCMAM
    (plus: proof of overaverage imaging skills)
    original picture: FlickreviewR/

    A good moment for some statistics.

    94 posts have been published on this blog (excluding this one) – more or less regularly – in 31 different categories, covering a broad range of topics. TCMAM has been cited in a scientific article about science communication. It was also asked to cover the treasure hunt in Guatemala for a big German watchblog. A lot has happened so far, and a lot will happen.

    This blog had a solid 42,001 views that year – and I simply have to ask who was the tease, that messed up this perfectly round number in the last second. …

    The top 3 posts (not regarding the home page, of course) are:
    Mathematician knows location of lost Maya Gold
    What is wrong with the Mayan calendar? (the first post ever)
    Writing (or sort of) in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

    Thanks for your very valued interest, your comments and your regular visits. TCMAM will continue at least for another year and some weeks. Then the 21st December of 2012 approaches and everything will be over anyway… or not? If you have any request, topics, propositions, critique or praise, or also interesting content of your own, please contact me at

    Finally I feel most honored to give you Stephen Fry with his best birthday wishes!

    Sure, they originally were meant for GNU, but whatever...

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