Have an in-depth look on a Mayan language

I would like to promote a very interesting blog of the Maya blogosphere: “Ch’ol de Tumbala” is the name of this very interesting, specialized blog.

Ch’ol is a Mayan language nowadays still spoken in northern Chiapas, Mexico. There are two mayor dialects of it, Ch’ol de Tila and Ch’ol de Tumbala. And there we have the title. Tumbala is a town and a municipio in Chiapas and the author of the blog lives near Palenque and so has the wonderful possibility to actually get in touch with native Ch’ol speakers. There is already a very nice possibility to get in touch with practical basics, like numbers, which are still spoken in Maya by todays native speakers, not in Spanish, as it would be normal.

Palenque as you will know, was the place, where the great Pakal (K’inich Janaab’ Pakal) was reigning.

Death mask of Pakal
picture: Xenophon/wikimedia.org/cc-by-sa

From what I can tell, Ch’ol is different to Yukatec, though my ability of it is very limited. So far, not many people took notice of Ch’ol, it’s definitely underrepresented in modern studies and texts. That blog wants to change it. I urge you to have a look at this great blog to get in touch with a Mayan language, a culture and actual nowadays native speakers. The author is also very open for questions and will investigate for the answers.

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