Maya reported Hurricanes

Fitting to the latest Hurricane “Paula”, which took course for the Yucatan peninsula, I stumbled over an interesting article at, which cares for the report of Hurricanes by the ancient Maya. In the article, that can be found here, Stephen Houston presents us two very interesting pieces of evidence for that.

One of them is a glyph, that is depicted on Altar 1 of the Naranjo Site in the Petén Basin. It looks a little something like this:


The middle section of the glyph means ‘sky’. The outer parts, which are the same at each four sides mean “wind”. Wind coming from each direction, very expressive. It’s even more exact, if you read the glyph in the context. The glyphs around said “mountains of skulls” and “pools of blood” – that seems to have been a hell of a Hurricane!

There are however some doubts, since the glyphs also speak of a person around there. The effects could also have been man-made. Still, there is another evidence, that can be read about at the linked site.

We can conclude, that Maya probably recorded outstanding Hurricanes, which surely have had a devastating effect on houses, that weren’t made from stone (which was the majority, of course). In this case, the suggested date is 5 Ak’bal 11 Zotz, in our calendar: June 3, 544.

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