“It is definitely a Mayan symbol”

This headline is a quote from a news article of the Telegraph in 2009. The article gives us notice about a giant crop circle, which obviously shows a Mayan symbol. Therefore “It appears to be a warning about the world coming to an end when the calendar does.” From all that we know about the Mayan calendar and from all that you can read on this blog, there will be no doomsday in 2012 anyway. So, what about this crop circle that Karen Alexander – a crop circle enthusiast – definitely recognizes as a Mayan symbol?

Have a look at the picture here.

While it is true, that the ancient Maya did use headdresses made from feathers and still use today, nothing on that picture, apart from the feather-like looking forms even closely resembles anything we know from Maya symbols or glyphs. The makers of the crop circles probably even didn’t want to produce anything, that looks like Maya. Hence it doesn’t warn us about the doomsday or anything like it.

It would be very interesting however, how crop circle enthusiasts connect spaceships producing those forms with the ancient Maya. A Mayan spaceship? Maybe even the one that Erich von Däniken saw in Pacal‘s tomb lid? Why are we even dealing with that? Questions remain… but those are no senseful questions.

[UPDATE: In a newer blog entry, there is a symbol which also reached a certain state of fame, even though it wasn’t originally Maya. So, if this article was interesting for you, also have a look at the article about the omnipresent Mayan deity, that didn’t exist.]

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