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SoFiA (3) – Porfirio Díaz

Today, we come to another Story of a Freemason in America. And it nicely adds to the last story about Benito Juárez, because Porfirio Díaz, which we cover today, was a masonic brother and simultaneously political opponent of Juárez. I … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (4)

Yes dear readers, Saturday Sunday is Codex-Day. This week, I’ll present the Codex page a bit later, but in exchange, we’ll have a woman today. A woman with a knife! Have a look at this page 6r from the Codex … Continue reading

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Who were the first Americans in Europe?

The media got quiet excited these days about an report of Spain’s Centre for Scientific Research about a possible link of American people in Iceland long before Columbus discovered America. While there is no direct evidence for such a claim, … Continue reading

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Maya were architectural sound-designer

There are many symbolic secrets hidden in the ruins of Chichen Itza, that’s for sure. There is for example the shadow of a snake on the main pyramid in a special time of the year, as you can see on … Continue reading

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The last emperor of Mexico

I already announced, that I would tell you the story of Maximilian I. of Habsburg and his experiences as the last emperor of Mexico. In fact, this story is full of oddities. It’s a story about culture, societal upheavals, a … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (3)

Welcome back to another Codex-Day – have it really been already 3 weeks? Last week, we began with a page of the Codex Vaticanus B and compared it to a Page from Codex Borgia. Today, I want to exclusively show … Continue reading

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Practical Nahua Philosophy

Being a student of Philosophy myself, I have no doubt whatsoever, that philosophy has been around in any time or area of mankind. And so it was in MesoAmerica. Unlike the Philosophy how we understand it nowadays, Philosophy in MesoAmerica … Continue reading

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