Erich von Däniken postpones Apocalypse

Now one can really say, that it’s official. Erich von Däniken, main representative of ancient astronaut hypotheses, the person behind the Maya Spaceship (which was mentioned in another article of this blog) and one of the main figures behind the hype around the 2012 event predicted by the Maya Calendar, announced last Friday that he’s not that sure anymore about the date. It might happen some other time. So don’t worry folks: Apocalypse will come.

Postponed again...
Apocalypse as depicted by Albrecht Dürer

He is however still convinced, that the gods will return and even if it won’t happen at December 23rd, 2012, they will come at another day. The gods, which are also mentioned in the bible, are alien astronauts, which – amongst other things – helped to build the pyramids in Mesoamerica and founded the Mesoamerican religions. Erich von Däniken isn’t sure anymore about the math, as many others are as well. He compares this problem with the lacking clearness of the birth-date of Jesus Christ.

Asked about why he still thinks, that the gods will return, he answered: “I am convinced that they will return; I know too much about that already.”

I’m sure, that more and more “experts” will get on the train of wrong calculations, just to be able to then say: “See, we told you, there was obviously a conversion mistake.” That’s how it always happened so far.

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