The Chupacabra striked again!

Oh my, it has happened again. The infamous Chupacabra has had some very active months lately. Many news sites took that topic again and there is another wave of blog entries around that topic. Well, my readers know my position on that very well. Like Bigfoot, the Yeti and all the other members of the monstrous ministry, El Chupacabra (“goat-sucker”) is an object of cryptozoology. He has never been seen, claimed corpses are all other animals, mostly with Mange, which makes their fur disappear.

I did it again!

But now, several events in September in the area around Puebla, Mexico gave new fame to the infamous monster. A quick Google search shows up the usual suspects, that report about the Chupacabra in a very – well – let’s say sensationalistic manner. I have collected some information from those sites:

  • 300 goats have been slaughtered by the Chupacabra in three different nights.
  • He opened their throats and sucked all their blood out.
  • Over 36 animals had been beheaded in a strange way and without a single drop of blood in evidence.
  • All of the slaughters happened overnight, with parts of their flesh, brutally ripped out – usually the neck.
  • Not a drop of blood spilled.
  • The carcasses were always left, none of them eaten.
  • The accused dogs however, had no blood of the goats in their stomachs
  • Yeah, right… Well, as we can expect, we have several pictures of that. The blog Guanabee provides them and also has a more neutral report about those incidents, unlike many others. There is also an interesting aspect of folkloric belief in their article – the Nahual. However, if you don’t like pictures of goats, which throats were cut open and that then bleeded to death, don’t watch this picture-gallery.

    What do we see? In picture two, we see liters of blood, that came out of the goats. “Not a single drop of blood” might therefore be a bit exagerrated. The goats were not beheaded, as many journalists write. Authorities followed the trails of the alleged Chupacabra and found – some wild dogs. The same dogs, that one farmer could see running away from the field of slaughter. The dogs were shot and their stomachs examined. No masses of goat blood were found inside. What looks like clear evidence for the one side – namely that it couldn’t have been the dogs – is a very logical fact for the other. The blood is on the ground! Why should it be in the stomachs of the wild dogs? Also it can’t be excluded, that just the first incidents were done by wild dogs. As in other “crimes”, also here could exist human copycats.

    All this explaining doesn’t mean, that there couldn’t be a Chupacabra and of course, we haven’t had a look on all the pieces of evidence here. What is very disturbing is the way, these pieces of information are interpreted. Everyone quiet naturally assumes that it’s right to approach the topic as a Chupacabra examination, instead of asking for reasons, why wild dogs suddenly attack goats in masses. A new wave of rabies? Shouldn’t we take action against that and protect the flocks? I think, we should. But as long as everyone is searching for the Chupacabra and writing about it, that won’t happen efficiently.

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