Saturday is Codex-Day (4)

Yes dear readers, Saturday Sunday is Codex-Day. This week, I’ll present the Codex page a bit later, but in exchange, we’ll have a woman today. A woman with a knife!

Have a look at this page 6r from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis:

Page 6r of Codex Telleriano-Remensis (Loubat)

The deity depicted in this Codex, which is about fixed celebrations in the calendar is Xochiquetzal. She is a central figure in Aztec folklore and the deity of female handcraft.

Like almost every Aztec women, she knew about weaving. How do we know? What she is holding there is a knife that you use while weaving. And this Codex page in general is dedicated to a month called Tititl,which begins at 10th of January, as the first line tells us in terribly written Spanish.

Furthermore it says:
En este mes hazian fiesta las mujeres texederas y labranderas a la diosa Ychpuchl q quiere dezir la diosa virgen. suhiquecal. Roughly translated it says, that the women who weave and sew conducted a celebration to Ychpuchl this month. Written in red, which looks oddly like a correction, it says: Aqui se hazia la fiesta de Mixcoatle quiere dezir la culebra de las nuives. Suchiquecal. So there was a celebration in this month, to Mixcoatl, which sounds more reasonable to me and also to the one who corrected with red. More reasonable, because Mixcoatl is an ex-partner of Xochiquetzal. Their child is the famous Quetzalcoatl. Don’t tell that to Tlaloc however, as he is her husband… No seriously – don’t!

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