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Leaving the earth before 2012

The countdown has begun, only 2 years left until the earth as we know it will end. Of course me and my dear readers know that it’s not true. Of course we have read all the articles about it: What … Continue reading

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A quick test-post

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2 years to go…

It’s just two years to go until December 22nd, 2012 – the end of our world… not! What is wrong with the Mayan calendar? What is (also) wrong with the Mayan Calendar? Erich von Däniken postpones Apocalypse

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Indigenous in Guatemala

Though I’ve given this blog the basic principle to not be political, sometimes it’s hard to separate culture and politics. It will be like this in today’s topic, the situation of Indigenous in Guatemala and how it developed in the … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (6)

Today, we will have one of the most direct references to human sacrifice in all the literature of the Aztecs. It can be found in the Codex Magliabecchiano on page 70r and looks like this: I won’t write about the … Continue reading

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Your name in Mayan glyphs

Today, I want to give you the possibility to write your name in Mayan glyphs, or simply mess around with glyphs. It’s a fascinating thing to do and it raises your understanding of glyphs in general, even though you don’t … Continue reading

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Mixing Maya and Quechua

The foreign secretary of Bolivia, Mr. David Choquehuanca, gave an interview recently. In it he talked about the results of the World Conference of the nations on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia of April … Continue reading

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