Leaving the earth before 2012

The countdown has begun, only 2 years left until the earth as we know it will end. Of course me and my dear readers know that it’s not true. Of course we have read all the articles about it:
What is wrong with the Mayan calendar?
What is (also) wrong with the Mayan Calendar?
Erich von Däniken postpones Apocalypse

But there are still people, that didn’t find this site (or other sites explaining the 2012 phenomena) so far and firmly believe that the world will end in December 2012. Wouldn’t it be good for those people, if there would be a way to leave earth before that date? According to many, there is!

The little village Bugarach in France might be your key to rescue, if you want to leave. Many esoteric groups are going there these days, because they believe that alien visitors are using the Pech de Bugarach, a mountain nearby, as their garage on earth.

Pech de Bugarach (in gloomy atmosphere)
picture: Petrovsk/flickr.com/cc-by-nc

The firm belief of the esoteric groups is, that when the time comes, the aliens will open their garage and leave earth. Then they will hopefully take some people with them – only people from the village of Bugarach, of course, which is why the people go there now. The firm belief of the mayor of Bugarach however is, that the intruders are stupid and disturbing. He now asked the French army for help with getting rid (read: sending away) the uninvited visitors. After all, Bugarach was very happy with their exactly 189 inhabitants and doesn’t need growth rates of x00%.

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