BILD frustrates Guatemala, Atlantis about to be discovered – THIG (3)

BILD is really going big with this story – yet another article appeared. “Complete Guatemala is in fever for treasure hunt”. Not just BILD, also media from Guatemala began to cover the treasure hunt. BILD takes this as proof for the big publicity and mentions the newspapers “Nuestro Diario” and “Prensa Libre”.

Media Echo

In the article they mention that, according to “Prensa Libre”, the lake is now closed for transit, so nobody can steal the treasure. However, BILD is not telling the whole truth.

“Nuestro Diario” (Page 5) quotes Érick Ponciano of the Main Department of Heritage, who says, that BILD never asked for permission and that they use sensationalism to go after scientific work, that is not known in Guatemala. The expedition did not request any permission for an archeological operation so far.

Article in Nuestro Diario

It also quotes Mónica Urquizú of the Institute for Anthropology and History of Guatemala, who confirms what I said in my first article about this topic: The archeological evidence about the epoch in which the Codex was written or in which Atlan is said to have existed, the Maya or their ancestors didn’t have or use any gold.

Lastly, BILD reports that “Prensa Libre” has an article about Police controlling the lake now to avoid any treasure hunters to mess everything up. This is correct. However, what BILD does not tell us is, that it includes themselves as well. They are the original reason, why the police is now on duty on lake Izabal.

Article in Prensa Libre

I think we all agree, that no archaeological team should rally around national sites without the proper permission. The request must be in accordance with national rules, and if they meet the requirements, they sign a legal agreement that authorizes research under an accepted institute.

The Scientist

Maybe you saw the video in the article of BILD. It’s on German, of course, but let me tell you, that mathematician Rittstieg spoke out some details of his theory, that I want to share with you:

His life-dream would be fulfilled by holding the first golden tablet in his hands. He admits, that this has two crucial factors to it.
– the city has to exist – this he had doubted for a long time
– it has to be the real location of Atlan

That second point is interesting. He states that there are over 200 different cities and locations, that could be the city of Atlan, which the Greek called Polis Atlantis.

He definitely believes that Atlantis (the Atlantis!) is in lake Izabal and that he has found it by decrypting a hidden message in the Dresden Codex. The doubts that I have about all that don’t get smaller.


After I was correct with my first opinion (gold), I will give another, which you should screenshot and timestamp: Latest at Friday, BILD will write an article about the government of Guatemala, which is supposedly blocking the expedition, cause they are afraid that the Germans could steal the national treasure. The expedition will come back to Germany. This story about Atlantis will stay unsolved and people will discover a conspiracy behind it.

This or something close to it.

Oh dear, I hope, that I’m wrong…

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