Mathematician takes the gloves on – THIG (1)

It’s been just one day until the next announcement of BILD and the German Mathematician Joachim Rittstieg, who knows where 2156 golden Maya tablets are hidden, came to the online page. According to this little article, BILD organized an expedition to find the treasure in the Izabal lake.

Readers capable of German should have a look at the original article here.

Along with him travel three reporters, one photographer and a diving instructor. It really looks like he could convince BILD very easily, that the gold treasure is very much real. At Monday I wrote about my doubts in this case, and the same doubts remain. Interesting enough however, we will have the chance to find out, if there was really a town called Atlan and how the reaction of BILD and Rittstieg will be, if there is no gold at all. As I said, finding 2156 golden tablets with Maya laws on them would be very surprising, but hey – let’s see – in the end, we could learn something new.

The x marks the spot!

I will keep you up to date about this story. Thanks to video reporter Claas Weinmann, we will directly stay in touch with the expedition via Twitter on his page and via the homepage of In German, needless to say, which is why I will regularly merge some tweets and give you a résumé on this blog.

Please look out for the new category:
THIG(atipn)Treasure Hunters In Guatemala (although there is probably nothing)

Just one hour ago, the treasure hunters arrived in Guatemala City and will continue their journey towards Lake Izabal tomorrow. In this article, you can already find the very stylish treasure map. And yes, they really established a connection between Atlan and Atlantis…

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