“This is how the treasure looks” – THIG (2)

It’s hard to keep the pace with BILD these days between all the sighing and talking facts.

On Monday they showed us a German mathematician, who is convinced that he found the exact location of a Maya treasure in Guatemala. (TCMAM covered it)

Just one day after, BILD announced, they would hunt that treasure with an expedition. (TCMAM covered also that today)

There are a lot of visitors coming to this blog who want to know what this is all about. One could think, that it’s sensationalism what happens here, but such an opinion would need some data.

Today BILD shows us in an article, how the treasure looks like. You read correct: they show us the appearance of the treasure, that is yet to be found! What they show us there is a golden mask. I don’t want to start about what the Aztec sunstone (which is no calendar!) does there, but regular readers of this blog are probably already able to distinguish between the several eras and cultures. And this mask doesn’t look very Maya-like to me.

BILD presents a treasure before it is found

And also this other golden item doesn’t look as if it’s a “gold mask of a Maya deity” as BILD puts it:

Gold mask of a Maya deity?

Both masks can be found at the Museo Regional de Oaxaca, where they are shown as being of Mixtec Origin. Both masks were not produced before 1300 AD, probably later. The first is Mictlantecuhtli (remember him?) in its Mixtec interpretation, whereas the second is Xipe Totec.

Mixtec – not Maya.
1300 AD – not 666 BC.
Post-Classic – not Pre-Classic.

There is no doubt, that the different cultures had influences on each other. Of course they did. The matter at hand however, is to compare a late Mixtec artifact with a Pre-Classic artifact, that BILD wants to find and then saying that they look alike. To me, that looks like either complete ignorance or sensationalism. The latter is a common view on BILD in Germany, by the way.

Please, dear readers: This all can be very confusing, so if you have any questions about that story, ask them. Write me a quick message to judugrovee@gmail.com and I try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

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