Seriously BILD? – (THIG 5)

BILD produced another video in which there is extraordinary evidence for the truth of what Mr. Rittstieg says. It’s on German naturally. So I give you the important part:

Mr. Rittstieg explains that the full Codex Dresdensis is engraved into the stairs of a temple in Copán. Also he shows as his strongest piece of evidence, Altar Q in Copán, which shows 16 men holding a Codex. These 16 men were sent out with what would become Codex Dresdensis later, bearing the information about the sunken city of Atlán.

Now, anyone of my dear readers who knows Copán also knows Altar Q – one of the most remarkable altars in all archeological sites. There are indeed 16 men on the altar. And we also know who they are. They are the 16 rulers of Copán and everyone of them is holding some kind of paper: the insignia of their rulership. It all begins with K’inich Yax K’uk’ Mo’, who hands the insignia to his successor Yax Pac. And so on… There is really no hidden puzzle on Altar Q. We can even tell the dates of each single ruler.

Detail of Altar Q
(be sure to watch it in highest resolution)
picture: HJPD/

Also it is very surprising, that the whole Codex Dresdensis should be engraved in the temple stairs in Copán. Plainly said: It isn’t! The hieroglyphic stairway of Copán is well examined (see especially W. Fash et al., 1992) and not really mysterious. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, what else do they expect?! It holds the history of the rulers of Copán and other important persons, even though the most carvings are not at the right place anymore. If you want some quick information about it, please have a look here in English and here in Spanish.

Seriously BILD?

It is rather odd, that Mr. Rittstieg – who studied the Maya for 40 years – doesn’t know anything of the basic knowledge about the Maya. It almost seems as if he was too focused on finding connections between Maya, Vikings and Atlantis in the past. One could also think, that BILD makes him say those things to buy some time. I don’t know. We all don’t know.

We only can wait with what BILD comes up next. So far, no piece of information that they gave us about Atlán was very convincing. And most of it was even plain wrong.

In other news, BILD calls Lake Izabal now Lake Itzabal. Maybe they want to construct a connection to the Itza tribe (known from the name Chichén Itzá)… BILD – you’ve got the wrong lake! You have to go to Lake Petén Itzá! There is even a city right in the middle of it: Noh Petén, which means City Island! You wouldn’t even need scuba gear!

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