BILD and the military – (THIG 6)

Everyone expected it, now it happened. The military sent BILD away from the lake.

As I wrote 4 days ago, the military has locked down the lake. BILD tried to give the impression, that the lake is protected against illegal treasure hunters – excluding them. In fact the lake is closed for illegal treasure hunters – including them.

BILD tried it nevertheless and went to the supposed location, where the military stopped them and asked them to turn around. After a short discussion, BILD was accompanied back to the coast.

If I resume the situation a bit, BILD has only few options now. They already played for time with their trip to Copán, where (of course) nothing was found. But at least they produced some nice pictures. They tried to look for a supposed piece of bridge at the shore of the lake, nothing can be seen because of the mud. They tried to dive in the middle of the lake – the military sent them away. They still have not requested any permissions for the archaeological excavation.

So what will happen now? Everything but something concrete would be a bit ridiculous after so many mistakes in research and presentation.

As another topic, I’ve got several e-mails that asked me about the original examinations and data sets, to which belong the radar images, that show Atlan. I’m still trying to evaluate this information. Nobody (apart from Rittstieg) saw these pictures so far. About this matter I’ve contacted the Consortium for Continental Reflection Profiling, as Petty-Ray Geophysical was a member of this consortium.

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