BILD found something! and: these numbers are odd… – (THIG 7)

BILD reports… even if there is nothing to report.

They present us another article from Lake Izabal, from where they got lead away today by the military to prevent illegal treasure hunters (read: BILD) from diving. This article says nothing of value, just how bad the view is under water and that there is mud on the ground. Ah, and that Rittstieg feels close to the fullfilment of his dreams.

Also, the date when Atlan supposedly was destroyed is now 3600 years ago (instead of 2600) and there are 2256 tablets of gold (instead of 2156).

It's hard to keep track of the numbers

Also BILD can present us a sensational change of situation. They really found something! Reporter Claas Weinmann keeps us up to date on his Twitter. Well, actually it was not really them who found it, but a normal fisherman. And it’s no gold either, just some cup of sort. The fisherman lives in Livingston, which is at the coast to the Caribbean Sea, not the lake Izabal. Somehow BILD is convinced however, that this fisherman found the cup exactly at the spot, where Rittstieg supposes the beginning of the old bridge to Atlantis.

TCMAM reads for you

I suppose that means, that the fisherman found the cup on the private property where BILD was diving, because this was the exact position, as they told us last time. Was he fishing illegally?! Even though Weinmann adds, that this discovery is important for the expedition, I don’t really share his opinion. If he can present evidence for the bridge, maybe (assumed, that the fisherman really found it there).

The cup itself was been looked at already in Livingston. An estimation of local officials says it could be some hundred years old. Not bad… just 2000 more years missing.

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