BILD shows coordinates, 2 team-members sick – (THIG 8)

Bild lets us know details. In the latest article so far, they provided us with the actual geographical coordinates of the location, where Rittstieg supposes the Maya treasure. Also they use the wrong numbers again. Anyway the location is the same location, where BILD encountered the military yesterday: 15° 31.70′ N 89° 4.178′ W. And indeed Google Maps shows astonishing results:

Google Maps with Atlantis-Finder
(not an actual Google Maps result)

Even Wolfram Alpha has an own page about this location: That has to be enough evidence.

On Twitter Claas Weinmann lets us know very directly, that he and one photographer pray to the Maya porcellain god since dinner in Guatemala. I honestly hope, that they get well soon and that it is nothing serious.

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