José Argüelles has passed on

At the 23rd of March, José Argüelles has passed on. The Mexican-US-American writer was one of the main characters in the esoteric literature around the Maya Calendar and the 2012-phenomenon.

José Argüelles in January 2010

If you didn’t know his name so far, but know your ways around the esoteric Mayanism, then it’s very probable that you recognize one symbol, that he gave the god Hunab Ku. He was the one who adapted an Aztec symbol for an omnipresent Mayan deity, that never existed. He was always presenting a very positive version of the prophecies around 2012; in his version, there was no doomsday.

He's responsible for all this.

There are many problems with his theory and even if I as well as professional Mayanists don’t share his views and conclusions, it may be also partially Argüelles’ achievement, that we can now focus a bit on the real Maya and their situation rather than some esoteric-mysterical ones. The latter are not defined, and everyone can say everything about 2012 – ex falso sequitur quodlibet. Therefore we should stick to what we know. And this is what we try to gather on this blog.

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