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Some interesting facts about education in Mexico

Reuters had an interesting Factbox-article about Mexico last wednesday, regarding its economics and educational system. Let’s have a look at something economical: – Mexico is the world’s 14th largest economy. – Mexico is predicted to become the world’s eighth biggest … Continue reading

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German officials hand back 49 precolumbian objects

As stated in a press release of the ministery of science and arts of the German state of Hesse, the officials handed back 49 prehispanic objects to the Mexican ambassador in Germany, Francisco Nicolás González Díaz. The objects had been … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered how Lincoln looked like in color?

This is not actually about Mesoamerica (though for such cases I included “and more” in this blog’s title), but if you are interested in colorized pictures of famous people of history, this is a thread for you. Or also the … Continue reading

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“Don’t call me Marge” finds appropriate words

The internet is a series of tubes, as we know. One of these tubes ranges from the blog “Don’t call me Marge” to here. Marjorie (seriously, don’t call her Marge!) linked to the article about the usage of wheels in … Continue reading

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The last two speakers of Ayapaneco

Saying that the language Ayapaneco or Zoque de Ayapa or alsoNuumte Oote would be at the risk of dying out would be an outright understatement. Currectly, the language of the Mixe-Zoque family is only spoken by two natural speakers: Manuel … Continue reading

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The world’s briefest presidency

The world’s briefest period of a president in service itself wouldn’t be a topic for this blog. However, it was also the briefest period of a Mexican president, which makes it very much relevant. At this point, I let you … Continue reading

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