The Big Picture covers Mixteca

The Big picture of covers the Mixteca region today, especially the little town San Miguel Cuevas. The Mixteca region, which covers parts of the Mexican states Guerrero, Oaxaca and Puebla, has been hit hard by emigration to the USA. This picture series covers the situation nowadays with astonishing and partially eerie black-white photographies.

Remember this harness from another article?
picture: Matt Black,

The images try to capture the hard everyday life in a region that suffers loss of inhabitants due to migration. The series is titled “people of the clouds” because of their name. Mixtecapan is Nahuatl for place of the cloud people. The Mixtec culture already appeared twice on this blog. Once a German magazine presented Mixtec masks as a treasure yet to be found. Also we showed some Mixtec writing in a post about Pre-Columbian scripture.

If you like photography and telling pictures, you should check out The Big Picture often. It’s a wonderful site with marvellous pictures.

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One Response to The Big Picture covers Mixteca

  1. Stunning. There is a certain ‘real’ quantity that you managed to convey with the pic that really draws you into it (:

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