TCMAM was cited in a scientific article regarding the BILD treasure hunt

I’m very excited to tell, that the THIG-report of TCMAM has been covered in a scientific article about the BILD treasure hunt earlier this year and the need for a social media strategy of scientific bodies. The article was written by Diane Scherzler and will be published in Archaeological Information of the German Society for Pre- and Protohistory (German: Archäologische Informationen, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e. V.).

Maybe you remember this...

The abstract of the article reads like this:

“In March 2011, the German tabloid „Bild“ launched an expedition to Lake Izabal in Eastern Guatemala. Reporters and a „Maya expert“ wanted to find eight tons of Maya gold in a supposed sunken city. This article examines on the basis of this „treasure hunt“ how scientists can participate in and influence such scenarios. Against the background of two qualitative surveys – of archaeologists and „Bild“ readers – the opportunities and risks of blogs, Facebook comments and Wikipedia articles for the non-scientific representation and reception of archaeological facts are discussed. How do social media and networks change the communication of scientists and citizens? What steps do archaeologists need to go, who want to use the new possibilities?”

Then Scherzler uses our reports about BILD on this Blog and the watchblog BILDblog as an example of how to deal with such a topic:
“[TCMAM] however impressively demonstrated the Mesoamericanists and Archaeologists what one single person, who wants to oppose the scheming of “Bild”, can achieve, can especially achieve in the Web 2.0.”

As I wrote yesterday, scientists and academics need to communicate with the broad public, in order to let them take part in their work, at least superficially. That is in a way modern enlightenment and would oppose developments, which makes the science guys seem like the distant, reserved… the bad guys.

Everyone who wants to read the article (which is unfortunately only available on German) can download it here.

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4 Responses to TCMAM was cited in a scientific article regarding the BILD treasure hunt

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  2. neoteotihuacan says:

    Congrats on the mention! That is quite a nice thing. You are correct, that science and scientists need to use social media to become more involved with the general public. If I can offer a model? The NASA Tweetup:

    Perhaps you can arrange something similar as a method of public outreach? A guest lecture? A group project? I can think of a few activities.

    Anyway, love the blog so far. Keep it up.

    • judugrovee says:

      Hello neoteotihuacan,

      thanks for your nice words and the suggestion. I’ll definitely have a look at the NASA Tweetup, considering new ways.

      There are already some concepts for the support of science communication in the fields of mesoamericanism and archaeology, right now. TCMAM or a specialized sister blog may have a role in those. I will keep you posted.

      Have a great time

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