Stunning pictures of indigenous beauty queens of Guatemala

Rodrigo Abd, Argentinian photoprapher for Associated Press, recently went to Guatemala and took pictures there of candidates for the title of National Indigenous Queen of Guatemala. Myles Little of Time Magazine has a very interesting short article about it. The contest was hosted this month at the Rabin Ajau National Folkloric Festival in Guatemala City. Abd took the pictures with a wooden box camera in the style of the 19th century. This resulted in some stunning pictures.

One of Abd's pictures
picture: Moises Castillo - AP, taken from

The styles in clothing and decoration of indigenous tribes vary over time and especially region. It’s an often overlooked detail in modern society how clothing may constitute a certain identification. We can find several repeating patterns of ornaments in jewelry of ancient cultures, and they indeed vary. Think about the decoration of teeth with jade by the Maya.

Maya tooth decoration

This brings me back to my plan to publish some articles about the ideals of beauty in Mesoamerican cultures. Yeah, we should definitely go for that.

So long you can find further information about the photography technique and of course the pictures in a Light Box article of the Time magazine here. Be sure to check all of them out!

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