Happy 1st Birthday to TCMAM

TCMAM turned 1 year old!!!!!

Second lolcat this year...

Nobody came to the party, because it was already two days ago! One year and two days ago it was, that the article What is wrong with the Mayan Calendar? was published. Shame on me, I haven’t been around to celebrate. But here it is, the birthday article.

Chacmool: I approve of TCMAM
(plus: proof of overaverage imaging skills)
original picture: FlickreviewR/wikimedia.org/cc-by

A good moment for some statistics.

94 posts have been published on this blog (excluding this one) – more or less regularly – in 31 different categories, covering a broad range of topics. TCMAM has been cited in a scientific article about science communication. It was also asked to cover the treasure hunt in Guatemala for a big German watchblog. A lot has happened so far, and a lot will happen.

This blog had a solid 42,001 views that year – and I simply have to ask who was the tease, that messed up this perfectly round number in the last second. …

The top 3 posts (not regarding the home page, of course) are:
Mathematician knows location of lost Maya Gold
What is wrong with the Mayan calendar? (the first post ever)
Writing (or sort of) in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

Thanks for your very valued interest, your comments and your regular visits. TCMAM will continue at least for another year and some weeks. Then the 21st December of 2012 approaches and everything will be over anyway… or not? If you have any request, topics, propositions, critique or praise, or also interesting content of your own, please contact me at judugrovee@gmail.com.

Finally I feel most honored to give you Stephen Fry with his best birthday wishes!

Sure, they originally were meant for GNU, but whatever...

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