One year to go!

While it seems as if I was carelessly neglecting TCMAM in the last weeks and months (although I have good excuses from my professional life), some time has passed and the world didn’t stop turning. So it happens to be the 21st of December 2011 today and if we believe certain (let’s call them) “theories”, the world ends in exactly one year.

In the meantime the German tabloid BILD, which many of you readers might know from the report about the Treasure Hunt in Guatemala for which TCMAM was cited in a scientifical article, expresses rather reasonable thoughts in an article (German: part1, part2). Regarding the way they talked about these things just some months ago, this is actually suprising. They even realized that the Aztec Sun Stone is not a calendar and especially not the Maya one.

Lastly they cite the renowned epigrapher Nikolai Grube, also one of my main sources for details and verification about the Maya. The answer he gives to BILD’s question “What did the Maya know about the year 2012?” is a wonderful reaction and thus I want to use it to herald the last year of the 2012 Countdown:

“The Maya were far too intelligent to not know, that time can’t simply cease or stop. When the 13th Bak’tun ends in December 2012, the 14th Bak’tun begins. And this won’t be accompanied by severe destructions. There are prophecies of the Maya for a time far beyond 2012.”

This might not be satisfying or spectacular enough for many people, but it is probably true. Let’s see how public opinion will develop about this topic during the next 365 years until we can celebrate a new Bak’tun.

Until then, don’t miss the explaining articles in the several categories on this blog.

"And I, Tonatiuh, am STILL not a calendar, you know..."
picture: El Comandante/wikipedia/cc-by-sa

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