Anything? (21.12. 8:15 GMT)

Well of course not! Nothing out of the ordinary will happen. No (apocalyptic) earthquakes, no volcanic eruption, no giant Planet-X/Nibiru/whatever-they-call-it coming towards earth, no reversal of polarity of earths magnetic field… And – at least with me – no jump on a higher level of conscious awareness.

Just remember, that we only know of two archaeologic findings that refer to tomorrow. One’s context is unclear and the other is written in a symbolic sense, signifying a long span of time.

One very special thing today however is the Google Doodle. Great idea and great look:



Got nothing to do with your last hours on earth (hey, some still believe, something will happen)? Just try to decipher what is written there and if it makes sense. The Glyph books of Mark Pitts, which we featured in a previous article, might be helpful in that task. Please contact me with any results or worries at

Anyways, 8:15 means only 15.75 hours left in GMT for the earth to somehow turn itself out. Oh and the next post will be post #100, which feels like a worthy coincidence.

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