For some time now, I have been very interested in Latin-America. Especially the old cultures are a very interesting field of study for me. I have not studied Mesoamericanism, but I receive support by Mesoamericanists, Mayanists and Historians for this blog.

I wanted to create a blog about Mesoamerica, since it has many interesting aspects in it, ranging from the differences of the old cultures to modern ones, over the very different languages, to modern bi-cultural societies and how they deal with that. In this blog I mainly want to cover the following aspects:
– Pre-Columbian life and sociocultural aspects
– The situation of Mesoamerica during the Conquista
– Change of culture after the Conquista
– Archeological findings
– Architecture
– The languages of mesoamerica (of which I will cover especially Nahuatl and Maayataan)
– The connection between todays culture and the old cultures (also the paradox of self-identification today)
– Today’s phenomena regarding Mesoamerican cultures
– And all kinds of weird, interesting or fascinating facts about that beautiful area

Having that listed, I will of course bore nobody with all the same odd stories about how something happened. That can be read on Wikipedia and in history books. I’m looking and will present the fascinating little details that happened on Mesoamerican soil. I hope, I will be able to share some of my fascination for that topic. For that, I will also pick up interesting topics on different other blogs, giving me the possibility to present to you the full variety.

A few personal notes:
I’m a rather normal German, which unfortunately means, that my English can get a bit out of normal usage. If that happens, please forgive me. If you want, write me a personal note, so I can improve. If you’re a Spanish speaker, you can also write me in Spanish, if that’s easier for you. Tips for interesting topics will be followed and are very appreciated.



2 Responses to About

  1. athenacgy says:

    Hi Judugrovee,

    I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the series of posts you have written explaining and following the story of the ill-advised adventure funded by BILD regarding the Mayan “gold” fantasy. I meant to write this earlier, as I used the information you provided and gave links to your blog in my own blog (in Spanish: Gotas de Datos. In particular, in my post: I made the reference to your blog).

    Thank you very much again, and also thanks for giving the link to the web site “Los Cielos de America”. It is so beautiful…

    Best regards from one of your readers,

    Claudia Guajardo-Yeo

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