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A humoristic approach to the Mesoamerican ballgame

Rob Sylvester over at covers the Mesoamerican ballgame or in their words The Greatest Sport Ever Invented. Readers of might expect an humoristic approach, but nevertheless the given information is overall accurate. For example there is no mention … Continue reading

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Is “Atlantic” a Nahuatl word?

Every one of us who are interested in Mesoamerica know some Aztecisms in other languages. The most known is probably xocolatl, which is used in the most languages, be it chocolate, chocolat, choklad, schokolade, suklaa, and so on. The Maya … Continue reading

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Tzompantli and basic Nahuatl

What might on the following picture look like a very macabre Abacus of ancient times, is in fact a Tzompantli. Tzompantlis in Mesoamerica were large racks for the display of skulls near temples or at other locations. Most of the … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (1)

From now on repeating every Caturday Saturday, I will present to you a Codex page with several explanations. Thanks to the efforts of Mesoamericanists all around the world and especially the site, it’s today possible to have a look … Continue reading

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The Aztec amongst Aztecs

Get to know the man who actually built and formed the Aztec Empire, that the Conquistadores later found, when they walked around Central Mexico: Tlacaelel. His complete name is Huehue Tlacaeleltzin – “The old, great Tlacaelel”. He never was in … Continue reading

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