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Tzompantli and basic Nahuatl

What might on the following picture look like a very macabre Abacus of ancient times, is in fact a Tzompantli. Tzompantlis in Mesoamerica were large racks for the display of skulls near temples or at other locations. Most of the … Continue reading

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Cannibals, Cannibals everywhere

One can imagine, that the Europeans got a strong cultural shock, when they first set foot on Mesoamerican soil in 15th and 16th century. Strange clothing, weird gods, odd architecture, different languages, just about everything was different. And those strange … Continue reading

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Peak sports performance during La Noche Triste (or not?)

Well, there we are going right into the happenings of the night from June 30th to July 1st 1520, the day, that got famous as La Noche Triste. A cool, silent night it was in which the Spaniards, after around … Continue reading

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