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The last two speakers of Ayapaneco

Saying that the language Ayapaneco or Zoque de Ayapa or alsoNuumte Oote would be at the risk of dying out would be an outright understatement. Currectly, the language of the Mixe-Zoque family is only spoken by two natural speakers: Manuel … Continue reading

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The Zuyua Than language

While everyone is talking about Joachim Rittstieg, BILD the gold treasure, there is a lot of information that gets jumped over and which I would like to discuss in detail. Unfortunately, BILD is so fast with telling inaccuracies that I’m … Continue reading

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Your name in Mayan glyphs

Today, I want to give you the possibility to write your name in Mayan glyphs, or simply mess around with glyphs. It’s a fascinating thing to do and it raises your understanding of glyphs in general, even though you don’t … Continue reading

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Some background info about Cancún

The city of Cancún in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is all around the media these days, being the location where the COP16/CMP16 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference – takes place this year. Cancún is also famous … Continue reading

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Is “Atlantic” a Nahuatl word?

Every one of us who are interested in Mesoamerica know some Aztecisms in other languages. The most known is probably xocolatl, which is used in the most languages, be it chocolate, chocolat, choklad, schokolade, suklaa, and so on. The Maya … Continue reading

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Tzompantli and basic Nahuatl

What might on the following picture look like a very macabre Abacus of ancient times, is in fact a Tzompantli. Tzompantlis in Mesoamerica were large racks for the display of skulls near temples or at other locations. Most of the … Continue reading

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Funny animal quiz with Mayan glyphs

You can imagine that deciphering symbols of a foreign and often dead language, carved in stone thousand years ago isn’t an easy task. One problem you get is being able to read the symbols on weathered steles. The next problem … Continue reading

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