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Anything? (21.12. 8:15 GMT)

Well of course not! Nothing out of the ordinary will happen. No (apocalyptic) earthquakes, no volcanic eruption, no giant Planet-X/Nibiru/whatever-they-call-it coming towards earth, no reversal of polarity of earths magnetic field… And – at least with me – no jump … Continue reading

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Scanning the news for any cataclysmic events? (20.12.,19:30 GMT)

No luck so far in finding any catastrophes? Don’t worry folks! As we’ve established in the very first post of this blog, nothing bad will happen – just a rare configuration of an elaborated calendar of an astonishing civilization. Just … Continue reading

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The Crystal Skulls

**Update: A reader correctly mentioned in the comments, that there are also not-so-phony Crystal Skulls around. The original version of the article focussed on the popcultural understanding of different qualities of the Crystal Skulls and therefore omitted several pieces of … Continue reading

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Poor Cuitláhuac…

We come to a very poor figure in later Aztec history. Poor, because of his situation as Aztec ruler. Poorer, because of what the modern distribution of information made of him. It’s about the person called Cuitláhuac. He was the … Continue reading

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What do anthropologists think about the 2012-phenomena?

I came across an interesting interview with John W. Hoopes, anthropologist at the University of Kansas. In it, he approaches the 2012 phenomena from the anthropologic point of view. You can find the whole interview here. However, I want to … Continue reading

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Where does North America begin?

As a European, I’m familiar with the common misconceptions about countries south of the USA. There are for example always the same discussions about Mexico not being North America. Such a judgement might be coming from ignorance, but it is … Continue reading

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Has the mysterious Chupacabra been found?

We’ve already had the pleasure of talking about El Chupacabra here once and twice. We found several odd points in this whole story. Now Benjamin Radford, editor of The Skeptical Inquirer, says that he solved the mystery around El Chupacabra. … Continue reading

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