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Have you ever wondered how Lincoln looked like in color?

This is not actually about Mesoamerica (though for such cases I included “and more” in this blog’s title), but if you are interested in colorized pictures of famous people of history, this is a thread for you. Or also the … Continue reading

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“Don’t call me Marge” finds appropriate words

The internet is a series of tubes, as we know. One of these tubes ranges from the blog “Don’t call me Marge” to here. Marjorie (seriously, don’t call her Marge!) linked to the article about the usage of wheels in … Continue reading

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Wie Bild einmal keinen Schatz fand – Teil 2

Derjenige, der nicht über BILDblog hierher gelangt ist, sollte sich dort Teil 1 anschauen, bevor es hier mit Teil 2 weitergeht. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Artikel dieses Blogs lasse ich für diesen die Kommentare offen, falls es noch … Continue reading

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Figurines from Caral

Today yet again, we will cover a topic, which requires the “and more” in the name of this blog. Caral, being located in Peru, surely isn’t part of MesoAmerica, but this story nevertheless can be of great interest to all … Continue reading

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Have an in-depth look on a Mayan language

I would like to promote a very interesting blog of the Maya blogosphere: “Ch’ol de Tumbala” is the name of this very interesting, specialized blog. Ch’ol is a Mayan language nowadays still spoken in northern Chiapas, Mexico. There are two … Continue reading

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