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The Aztecs and their 400 Rabbits

If you have read several articles of this blog regularly, you will already know, that a rabbit has a regular appearance – every month. I’m talking about the rabbit in the calendar, of course. Tochtli, meaning rabbit, is the name … Continue reading

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Practical Nahua Philosophy

Being a student of Philosophy myself, I have no doubt whatsoever, that philosophy has been around in any time or area of mankind. And so it was in MesoAmerica. Unlike the Philosophy how we understand it nowadays, Philosophy in MesoAmerica … Continue reading

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The omnipresent Mayan deity, that didn’t exist

It’s an odd thing with gods: Many people say they exist, because they know and believe it. Many people say, that there probably isn’t any god. Scientists often refer to god as made by man. So in the end, you … Continue reading

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Día de los Muertos – UPDATE

Happy November 1st (and 2nd in advance) to all of you. While some of you might call it All Saints Day (Allerheiligen in Germany) many call it the día de los muertos – the day of the dead. UPDATE: Be … Continue reading

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Flower Wars

Today I want to cover a topic called “The Flower Wars”. Admittedly, it sounds a lot like “Flower Power” and induces imaginations of flower decoration competitions and other harmless things. In fact, it’s almost the total opposite. Nowadays we would … Continue reading

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