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Wissenschaftlicher Artikel anlässlich der “Bild”-Schatzsuche – und TCMAM ist dabei

(This is the German version of the last article about the citation of TCMAM in a scientific article. For the English version, have a look here.) Ich freue mich sehr, berichten zu können, dass die THIG-Berichterstattung über die Maya-Schatzsuche der … Continue reading

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TCMAM was cited in a scientific article regarding the BILD treasure hunt

I’m very excited to tell, that the THIG-report of TCMAM has been covered in a scientific article about the BILD treasure hunt earlier this year and the need for a social media strategy of scientific bodies. The article was written … Continue reading

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Wie Bild einmal keinen Schatz fand – Teil 2

Derjenige, der nicht über BILDblog hierher gelangt ist, sollte sich dort Teil 1 anschauen, bevor es hier mit Teil 2 weitergeht. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Artikel dieses Blogs lasse ich für diesen die Kommentare offen, falls es noch … Continue reading

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A detail of Rittstieg’s theory

Today I want to discuss with you one little detail of Rittstieg’s theory. It’s really a little detail, but as I see it, his whole theory and his main presumption stands and falls with that. It’s the alleged city arms … Continue reading

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BILD leaves the lake – THIG (9)

This just in via Weinmann’s Twitter: BILD leaves lake Izabal. Obviously they accepted that they can’t do anything there anymore. They will now return to Guatemala-City to discuss with officials. That means, that they try to get the permission of … Continue reading

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German Mesoamericanists comdemn BILD

The German Mesoamericanists have released a representation (on German) on Monday, in which they harshly condemn BILD’s course of action: It sees BILD’s actions as scandalous and totally unscientific. The execution of this project and the connected media echo, damage … Continue reading

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BILD shows coordinates, 2 team-members sick – (THIG 8)

Bild lets us know details. In the latest article so far, they provided us with the actual geographical coordinates of the location, where Rittstieg supposes the Maya treasure. Also they use the wrong numbers again. Anyway the location is the … Continue reading

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