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Get a deeper understanding of the relationship of Maximilian and Benito… with a comic

Via Reddit, I stumbled upon a funny comic that tries to give a deeper understanding of the difficult relationship between Maximilian I. (covered here and just yesterday here) and Benito Juarez (covered here). The historical authenticity might not be the … Continue reading

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Some background info about Cancún

The city of Cancún in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is all around the media these days, being the location where the COP16/CMP16 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference – takes place this year. Cancún is also famous … Continue reading

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SoFiA (3) – Porfirio Díaz

Today, we come to another Story of a Freemason in America. And it nicely adds to the last story about Benito Juárez, because Porfirio Díaz, which we cover today, was a masonic brother and simultaneously political opponent of Juárez. I … Continue reading

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The last emperor of Mexico

I already announced, that I would tell you the story of Maximilian I. of Habsburg and his experiences as the last emperor of Mexico. In fact, this story is full of oddities. It’s a story about culture, societal upheavals, a … Continue reading

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SoFiA (2) – Benito Juárez

We’ll continue our search for Stories of Freemasons in America with a remarkable man, going by the name of Benito Juárez. There are not many figures in Mexican history more present than him: No less than 4 streets, a complete … Continue reading

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