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Poor Cuitláhuac…

We come to a very poor figure in later Aztec history. Poor, because of his situation as Aztec ruler. Poorer, because of what the modern distribution of information made of him. It’s about the person called Cuitláhuac. He was the … Continue reading

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What do anthropologists think about the 2012-phenomena?

I came across an interesting interview with John W. Hoopes, anthropologist at the University of Kansas. In it, he approaches the 2012 phenomena from the anthropologic point of view. You can find the whole interview here. However, I want to … Continue reading

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A humoristic approach to the Mesoamerican ballgame

Rob Sylvester over at Cracked.com covers the Mesoamerican ballgame or in their words The Greatest Sport Ever Invented. Readers of cracked.com might expect an humoristic approach, but nevertheless the given information is overall accurate. For example there is no mention … Continue reading

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The world’s briefest presidency

The world’s briefest period of a president in service itself wouldn’t be a topic for this blog. However, it was also the briefest period of a Mexican president, which makes it very much relevant. At this point, I let you … Continue reading

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Mathematician knows location of lost Maya Gold – UPDATE

After this rather sensationalistic headline, let me put the things in place first: The German “newspaper” BILD brings us the story of German Mathematician Joachim Rittstieg, who studied the Mayan Codices and thinks he found the location of some lost … Continue reading

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SoFiA (3) – Porfirio Díaz

Today, we come to another Story of a Freemason in America. And it nicely adds to the last story about Benito Juárez, because Porfirio Díaz, which we cover today, was a masonic brother and simultaneously political opponent of Juárez. I … Continue reading

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Who were the first Americans in Europe?

The media got quiet excited these days about an report of Spain’s Centre for Scientific Research about a possible link of American people in Iceland long before Columbus discovered America. While there is no direct evidence for such a claim, … Continue reading

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