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Scanning the news for any cataclysmic events? (20.12.,19:30 GMT)

No luck so far in finding any catastrophes? Don’t worry folks! As we’ve established in the very first post of this blog, nothing bad will happen – just a rare configuration of an elaborated calendar of an astonishing civilization. Just … Continue reading

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What about those inscriptions in Guatemala referring to 2012?

After a long time, I want to continue this blog with a short and rough article about the recent discovery of insprictions in Guatemala. The media says they are very important for the topic of 2012 and I’m sure many … Continue reading

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One year to go!

While it seems as if I was carelessly neglecting TCMAM in the last weeks and months (although I have good excuses from my professional life), some time has passed and the world didn’t stop turning. So it happens to be … Continue reading

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José Argüelles has passed on

At the 23rd of March, José Argüelles has passed on. The Mexican-US-American writer was one of the main characters in the esoteric literature around the Maya Calendar and the 2012-phenomenon. If you didn’t know his name so far, but know … Continue reading

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Leaving the earth before 2012

The countdown has begun, only 2 years left until the earth as we know it will end. Of course me and my dear readers know that it’s not true. Of course we have read all the articles about it: What … Continue reading

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2 years to go…

It’s just two years to go until December 22nd, 2012 – the end of our world… not! What is wrong with the Mayan calendar? What is (also) wrong with the Mayan Calendar? Erich von Däniken postpones Apocalypse

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Mixing Maya and Quechua

The foreign secretary of Bolivia, Mr. David Choquehuanca, gave an interview recently. In it he talked about the results of the World Conference of the nations on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia of April … Continue reading

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