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The Crystal Skulls

**Update: A reader correctly mentioned in the comments, that there are also not-so-phony Crystal Skulls around. The original version of the article focussed on the popcultural understanding of different qualities of the Crystal Skulls and therefore omitted several pieces of … Continue reading

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National Geographic covers David Stuart and Palenque

Anyone who didn’t find his way to the YouTube-Video of National Geographic Live! – “Palenque and the Ancient Maya World” definitely needs to go there right now. It’s a 40-minute video with lectures of George and David Stuart. You might … Continue reading

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A humoristic approach to the Mesoamerican ballgame

Rob Sylvester over at Cracked.com covers the Mesoamerican ballgame or in their words The Greatest Sport Ever Invented. Readers of cracked.com might expect an humoristic approach, but nevertheless the given information is overall accurate. For example there is no mention … Continue reading

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Discovering Maya settlements near Mérida, Yucatán

Some of you might have already heard it: Seven Maya settlements have been discovered in the periphery of Mérida, Yucatán. They’ve been given the names Oxmul, Polok Ceh, Nichak, Cuzam, Chan Much, Tzakan and Chankiuik. Mérida which was founded in … Continue reading

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The Zuyua Than language

While everyone is talking about Joachim Rittstieg, BILD the gold treasure, there is a lot of information that gets jumped over and which I would like to discuss in detail. Unfortunately, BILD is so fast with telling inaccuracies that I’m … Continue reading

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Mathematician knows location of lost Maya Gold – UPDATE

After this rather sensationalistic headline, let me put the things in place first: The German “newspaper” BILD brings us the story of German Mathematician Joachim Rittstieg, who studied the Mayan Codices and thinks he found the location of some lost … Continue reading

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Tikal under the stars

I was long thinking about a proper topic for the 50th article of this blog and now I found something totally worth it. We all know, that the Maya were well experienced astronomers, just think about the Venus tables and … Continue reading

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