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What about those inscriptions in Guatemala referring to 2012?

After a long time, I want to continue this blog with a short and rough article about the recent discovery of insprictions in Guatemala. The media says they are very important for the topic of 2012 and I’m sure many … Continue reading

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National Geographic covers David Stuart and Palenque

Anyone who didn’t find his way to the YouTube-Video of National Geographic Live! – “Palenque and the Ancient Maya World” definitely needs to go there right now. It’s a 40-minute video with lectures of George and David Stuart. You might … Continue reading

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What do anthropologists think about the 2012-phenomena?

I came across an interesting interview with John W. Hoopes, anthropologist at the University of Kansas. In it, he approaches the 2012 phenomena from the anthropologic point of view. You can find the whole interview here. However, I want to … Continue reading

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Your name in Mayan glyphs

Today, I want to give you the possibility to write your name in Mayan glyphs, or simply mess around with glyphs. It’s a fascinating thing to do and it raises your understanding of glyphs in general, even though you don’t … Continue reading

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Mixing Maya and Quechua

The foreign secretary of Bolivia, Mr. David Choquehuanca, gave an interview recently. In it he talked about the results of the World Conference of the nations on climate change and the rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia of April … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (5)

Codex-Day is a wonderful day. I can tell you, there are so many interesting pages in the Codices, that I really can’t say, which one I want to present you the next time. Also it helps to understand the Aztec/Maya-Polytheism … Continue reading

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Saturday is Codex-Day (3)

Welcome back to another Codex-Day – have it really been already 3 weeks? Last week, we began with a page of the Codex Vaticanus B and compared it to a Page from Codex Borgia. Today, I want to exclusively show … Continue reading

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