Short update and Erich von Däniken – THIG (4)

Treasure Hunters In Guatemala is back with a short update.

Change of Route

Not surprisingly, the treasure hunters have decided not to go to Lake Izabal directly, but to stop by Copán first. Why Copán? Because there are “leads about the gold treasure in Lake Izabal”, as Claas Weinmann puts it on his Twitter-Account. It sounds odd, that there should be any clues in Copán that 1. were never noticed before and 2. point to a sunken city, that was destroyed 800 years prior to the time, when Copán got any overregional significance.

On the other hand, this move is very understandable, if you regard the latest article in BILD. “Military locks down the lake” it titles. Yes, it did! “To block illegal treasure hunters”, as BILD continues. And you know who those illegal treasure hunters are? The German treasure hunters themselves. So, not being able to go to the lake, they go to another place, that has no other connection to this story than being close. I asked Claas Weinmann about the trip to Copán: There has to be a reason, why they look for clues, when Rittstieg can already pinpoint the location with an accuracy of 10cm. Let’s wait for the answer. One reason why they go there could be that – unlike the lake – Copán is open for tourists.

Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken spoke about the expedition. He assured our treasure hunters, that there is indeed a phenomenal treasure in Lake Izabal. But it’s not gold, just engraved messages from the past, which would be surprising enough. He also believes that there is a sunken city in Lake Izabal, but he didn’t get that from the Dresden Codex from around 1200. He got it from the Chilam Balam Book 5, written between 16th and 18th century.

A book, written at least 2,500 years (!) after the supposed earthquake. Written under the influence of Spanish missionaries, which even makes the books mention deities, that never existed in Maya culture. The books speaks about a sunken city, alright. That very exact description in this source is highly questionable for finding sunken Atlantis in Lake Izabal.

Still we shouldn’t forget Erich von Däniken, as he postponed the Apocalypse of 2012.

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